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About Hobbies And How They Can Increase Intelligence

Fishing And Other Hobbies Increase Intelligence

I’ve been obsessed with human brain and intelligence since my early high school years and never stopped exploring this topic since then. That is actually what led me to majoring in psychology and working in this field more than 20 years. If you’ve read my previous article or about page, you might know that I also love fishing and it is one of my favorite hobbies. I’ve been fishing regularly last 15 years and I don’t remember ever getting bored during the process.

One of the best way of developing your brain and the knowledge you have is to explore the broader topics outside your expertese. That’s why so many people have very poor general knoledge in America. They have jobs, sure, but they won’t try to learn anything outside their professions. They have no knoledge of georgraphy or history. Instead, they simply go to work, come home to watch basketball and go to bed. The poor lifestyle causes brain regress and makes you less intelligent.

I am not trying to brag with my intelligence or say how great I am for doing fishing and other stuff I like. I can be much smarter than I am if I had better habits and little more discipline. However, I can not skip writing about how much fishing actually taught me and gave me opportunity to explore other topics. Let me tell you how I started with fishing and how it helped my mental development.

As I was approaching 33 and had 2 year old running around at home, I started getting overwhelmed by the work and daily life in general. I needed a break and needed something that I could do by myself. At that point I was slowly establishing my company and things were going good, so I could not simply take a 2 weeks vacation somewhere far away (and certainly couldn’t leave my wife and kid. if I brought them, then it would not really be a break for me). So, I needed something to do on the weekend. I remember sitting one evening in front of a TV and seeing a commercial for a boat. That moment I thought “hey, maybe I can go fishing this Saturday” and I did. I had no idea what I was doing mostly and was even bored at first, but after one hour or two I was into a deep meditation suddenly. I only figured that out when the rod started shaking and I knew I had a catch. The fish escaped unfortunately, but I saw how pleasant that surrounding and thinking was. I knew right there that I found something that I enjoy. Never stopped fishing since then.

With that I’ve learned a lot about aquatic world, different rods, started hiking and exploring the countryside. I’ve met other fishing enthusiasts and made bunch of friends. Who knows how much I’ve learned from them alone. It also made me get into Photography, documenting my journeys. If I have chosen to stay every weekend at home to watch TV, I would never experience this much.
I mentioned in the previous article how it helped clearing my mind and with work during hard times. Thinking clearly is a crucial part of mental development and every time I need to do it, I get into the car and drive to the lake to fish for a few hours.