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  • Hobbies To Reduce Stress

    Oct 16, 18 • 33 Views • HobbiesNo Comments

    The thought of writing something for the blog bothered me last few days and I decided to publish something. Today, I want to talk about the hobbies that will reduce your stress levels and get you in a relaxed mode...

  • Fishing and mental health

    Mental Health Benefits of Fishing

    Aug 29, 18 • 94 Views • Psychology and FishingNo Comments

    If you’ve read previous articles here on my website, you know that I am a big fishing fan and doing it as a hobby for more than 15 years. I’ve mentioned the benefits it can have on mental health and also how it can make you smarter. I was reading...

  • Dealing With Depression

    May 14, 18 • 242 Views • Life AdviceNo Comments

    I spoke with a friend last night that’s going through her current life drama, which consists of going through a divorce, raising a little kid, working a full time job and trying to balance depression. I have to say I have a lot of respect for people...

  • Increasing Productivity – Advice From a Guy Who Wasted Tons of Time

    May 8, 18 • 258 Views • Life AdviceNo Comments

    I was driving to my parents’ place this weekend and a few hours to do something productive while I was sitting in the car. I decided to listen to something, so I turned on John Carol’s podcast about productivity. It was about 35 minutes long and talked...

  • About Hobbies And How They Can Increase Intelligence

    Apr 28, 18 • 277 Views • HobbiesNo Comments

    I’ve been obsessed with human brain and intelligence since my early high school years and never stopped exploring this topic since then. That is actually what led me to majoring in psychology and working in this field more than 20 years. If you’ve...

  • Fishing And Mind – How It Can Keep Your Brain Healthy

    Apr 27, 18 • 265 Views • HobbiesNo Comments

    When I mention to others that I love fishing, they think I am obsessed with chasing fish and catching them for food. What they do not understand is that fishing is the process that starts a day before when you pack and get ready mentally and ends in bed when...