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Dec Update

I promised myself to make entries here at least once a month, but sometimes the time flies so fast that I completely forget that I even have a blog. Well, it doesn’t matter that much, but still feel a bit bad for it.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the importance of tools and how it helped us develop as species. Long time ago our ancestors were not very different from the modern primates, but still we managed to outperform them in every aspect and today dominate the entire planet. Long story short the biggest difference between us and our cute cousins is the ability to use the different tools. That’s why I decided that it is important for productivity and effectiveness of our work to always use the best tools out there.

So, which tools exactly? Things for work and for the everyday life as well. At first I want to improve the daily schedule and for that I need productivity tools such as task tracking, sleep cycle analysis for better sleep and of course a nice reminder.

I’ve been using default iPhone reminder for a long time and recently realized how inferior it is compared to other apps. If any of you have a suggestion for me, please email me which one to use.

For sleeping there is Sleep Cycle alarm clock, but still need some time to get used to it. I usually need at least 7 hours of sleep every night due to my schedule and exercise routine, but can’t afford to sleep more than 8 hours. So, waking up in that time period is extremely important.

Anyway, That’s it for today I guess. I guess writing even something small and silly is better than not writing at all, so here it goes. I am going to go for fishing again after helping a friend with a psychology study that will end in about a week. Will keep you updated.