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Latest Productivity Hacks – April Update

I’ve been having trouble lately doing anything more than my full-time job and occasional fishing. Maintaining productivity outside the work is difficult and you can notice that from the frequency of the update of my blog.

I have not written anything since December, because I was crazy busy. First, it was Christmas and family time. Then I was involved in a very peculiar psychological research (More about it later), and then I became a part of a routine and the time flew fast.

The problem that we are facing when it comes to getting things done is not the lack of time, but the lack of mental capacity. I’ve had quite a lot of free time after work. I usually get at home no later than 6 PM and weekends I have free (apart from some family duties). The kids are old enough not to need my constant attention, so why are my projects piling up on my home office table? I really want to do all of that – Write more online, finish my academic papers, finally continue learning Spanish, go to the gym more frequently, etc.

I really needed a solution, so I sat down, locked the door, removed all the distractions like my smartphone and laptop, and forced myself to come up with a solution. Here’s the result:

Hack #1 – Reset your mind. You know how energetic you are once you wake up, have your coffee and ready to start a new day? You can work up to 10 hours no problem at that moment. So, what if we can get the same feeling for the evening after work? Get in a dark room, take a 15-minute nap, get some light to imitate the feeling of morning sun, drink some coffee (decaf is recommended since you are going to bed in 4-5 hours), and get to work again. Surely we can achieve to be productive for 2-3 hours.

Hack #2 – Motivate yourself – The mental block and the physical fatigue we experience after work or on the weekends are simply an illusion. We can completely remove these feelings if we have a sufficient brain stimulus. We aren’t that tired on Fridays at midnight to talk non-stop with friends, aren’t we? So how can we feel so dead on Tuesday evenings? That’s why it is important to motivate yourself by reminding what you truly want or reading an inspirational story or watch a motivational video.

Hack #3 – Get ready – Tell yourself and others that you need to do things after work. It is important to get ready for it. Once you state the fact that you are getting ready to work, your brain does not give you much resistance, because the decision has already been made. It does not mean that only by doing it you will be super excited to work, but it will help you to have an ultimate productivity mindset if you combine it with other hacks.

I am in the process of testing all of these above. So far it helped me a lot. Will keep you updated about the results in the long run.