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Fishing and mental health

Mental Health Benefits of Fishing

If you’ve read previous articles here on my website, you know that I am a big fishing fan and doing it as a hobby for more than 15 years. I’ve mentioned the benefits it can have on mental health and also how it can make you smarter. I was reading the article about using hobbies as a mental therapy on online journal Psychologium and I was thrilled to see that they mentioned fishing as one of the best sports against anxiety and depression. Good to know that I’m not the only one recognizing it. They did not go into the details, however, and I’ve decided to write more if somebody is interested.Brain relaxation

One of the obvious effect that fishing can have on the brain is the relaxation. If you ever done it, you understand why it has such a calming effect. When you are surrounded by the nature, standing or sitting in the quiet environment, it is hard not to feel calm and relieve stress. The fast tempo of the modern world is especially stressful for the mental health patients and resetting the brain after a weekdays is extremely beneficial. That’s why it is recommended for them to go fishing when they have time. It is a calming activity that does not require much of a commitment that is often a problem for the people who suffer with anxiety and depression.


For majority of the depression patients, committing to activities can be challenging and often they do not have any desire to do things. Because fishing is so relaxing, even after tying it once, you get hooked (pun intended) right the way and once committed to one activity, you can slowly switch to others. Doing stuff is one of the best ways of fighting depression. I know well how hard it can be to force yourself to get out of the bed and try some things that you used to enjoy. That’s why depressed people should try fishing. It is something unusual, fun and I promise it will change your life.

Focus and Patience

Fishing is not an extreme sport (although it can get if you catch a large fish), so action does not happen every 5 minutes. You sit there and wait patiently. It improves your focus and concentration skills and helps you to develop patience. This improved patience will transfer into other aspects of life and you will be more relaxed instead of being impatient.


One of the mental benefits of fishing is the confidence it boots. As I mentioned above, it is easy to start fishing and once you are committed, it is hard to screw it up. After some time you will realize that you’ve achieved something – went out there, caught a fish and enjoyed the day.

Time to think about your mental health and life in general

You will have plenty of time before a fish appears to think about your mental health. What bothers you, what could be improved in your character, where are you now and where are you heading. There will be very little distractions out there for your brain, so it will be easier to answer those questions.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading the article. Make sure you do not think too much about starting fishing and once you do, I promise that it will drastically improve your mental health.